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  1. Fegor4 months ago

    No one is claiming solipsism is true and that you must live by the rules in a 1600 year old book about it. Same cant be said about religion. That unfalsifiable claim is of interest until its not.

  2. Danos4 months ago

    But not all 'faiths are alike. Not all have equal applications, or equal epistemic standing, not all are as important or impactful to one's life.

  3. Mezigore
    Mezigore4 months ago

    Most likely the best oral pleasure IР’Т‘ve seen in my entire life. Fucking hell, was awesome

  4. Malrajas
    Malrajas4 months ago

    Primeira vez que vejo seu perfil. Muito boa na foda. ParabГ©ns!

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